Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Influence of the Advertisement spokespersons on Consumers Purchase Essay

The Influence of the Advertisement spokespersons on Consumers Purchase Intention--A Case Study of Cosmetic - Essay Example vel of either the need of the product itself or the ability of the product or brand to fulfill a need of the customer, thus making the customer aware of the brand/product. Consumer behavior marks the study of the way different people in any general or specific target market as they try to select the different items for purchase and what patterns are associated with buying behavior. Today, celebrities such as TV/Movie stars, musicians and athletes are used frequently in advertisements as companies believe that they have a powerful image and can market their products well. The increase has been even more exaggerated in cosmetic companies and FMCGs. The availability of numerous advertisement channels however raises many questions for companies. They brands have to find an optimal fit between target audience, product and advertisement. To satisfy this need is the aim of this research. The research would analyze the effect the importance of Spokes Person in advertisement effectiveness. Therefore research would study the effect of Spokes person in cosmetics buying decision in various consumers, to understand and identify the different elements which can effect consumer buying decisions. The effects of celebrity endorsement have been very positive for companies. During the ‘cola wars’ celebrity endorsement was a very important factor that defined the marketing strategy of both companies. Both were pop stars and created a very positive and hip brand perception for both their brands. This factor is even more relevant if the product being introduced is an alien product to the consumer. Consumers usually do not remember the names and brands of these items. However if the brand is associated to a celebrity then the customer can better remember the name of the product or brand. The research shows strong evidence that the purchase intent of the consumer can be greatly affected by the spokes person. This has been shown both by the positive response from the customers and

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